5 Minimalist Walkway Designs You Can Do with Artificial Grass in Chicago


Walkways are one of the most-used areas of your home. They’re a necessity, but they can also be incredibly beautiful. One way to take them to the next level is to integrate artificial grass in Chicago into their design.

Artificial grass is a great material for walkways because it’s durable and doesn’t wear out. It comes in a variety of colors and textures so you can choose what fits best with your walkway design. It also offers a lot of benefits for homeowners.

Here are five beautiful walkway designs you can do with artificial grass:

Mix Artificial Grass and Tiles

This option is perfect if you want your walkway to have a classic design. Tiles are available in different colors, patterns and shapes. Use them to create a geometric path or to add color to your yard.

Use small square tiles and fill in the spaces between them with artificial grass. You can also get creative and make patterns using the combination.

Combine Artificial Grass and Concrete

For those who don’t like the look of concrete or asphalt, artificial grass is a great way to cover it up while still keeping the utility of a hard surface.

You can use concrete strips between each section of artificial turf in Chicago or use the turf to border the concrete. You can also use stones or gravel and create a rustic effect that complements any home and yard.

Green Up Your Walkway Borders

One way to create a walkway using artificial grass is to use it as an edge along the sides. You can do this by having experts install stone or concrete pavers, and then placing artificial grass around the edges.

This approach looks good when the pavers match the color and style of your house’s exterior surfaces like bricks or siding.

Create Curved Edges

You don’t have to go straight with your walkway. You can have fun with it by creating a curved edge. This is an excellent way to make your entryway more welcoming and inviting.

Curves can add balance and harmony to walkway designs. You can amplify this effect by installing artificial grass in Chicago around your arched paths. Expert installers can cut and install turf flush against curved surfaces, resulting in a simple but neat design.

Go for a Zigzagging entryway

A zigzagging walkway will let you create dividers between two areas of your yard. It can also add some style and interest to your landscaping.

You can use artificial grass for the entire walkway or pair it with pavers or wood decking for a combination that adds curb appeal. Professional installers can lay down turf on various hardscapes, like concrete, asphalt and wood, so you can go wild with your walkway material.

Beautify Your Walkways With an Artificial Turf Installation in Chicago

Installing artificial grass lets you level up your pathways without complicating your outdoor maintenance. Sweep debris from its surface, hose it down and brush up its fibers regularly so it’ll look good as new for years.

Whether you’ve decided on one of the walkway designs above or have a unique idea of your own, Chicago Artificial Grass Experts can help you execute it perfectly. We have residential installation services and an array of premium artificial grass products.

Call us now at 312-883-9913 or send us a message online. Let’s talk about how you want to transform your walkways with synthetic grass!

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