Create a Dog-Friendly Sensory Garden with Artificial Grass in Chicago

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Dog Sensory Gardens

Creating a sensory garden is a great way to keep your dogs happy and engaged. It will encourage them to use their senses, which will keep them on their toes. It’ll also help them burn off excess energy, de-stress and stay sharp. Installing artificial grass in Chicago in your sensory garden goes a long way in ensuring it’s pet-friendly and pet-proof.

Artificial grass has no shortage of benefits for pet spaces like dog sensory gardens. They include:

Soft and Gentle on the Paws

Synthetic turf is comfortable to walk on and paw-friendly. So there’s no risk of dog nails catching on its surface. Your dogs can run, jump and play on it without fear of getting hurt. It has no sharp objects or surfaces that can cut or scrape skin and paws.


Artificial grass in Chicago has no scent, so it won’t interfere with any features in your sensory garden that tap on the sense of smell. Likewise, it doesn’t absorb smells like real grass. That means you don’t have to worry about dog urine or poop leaving bad smells on the turf.


Dogs can destroy natural grass when they run, dig or lie down on it. Artificial grass doesn’t have this problem. It’s resistant to damage from digging, running, playing and other canine antics. So you can expect your sensory garden’s synthetic lawn to still look great after your dogs played on it.

Free of Ticks and Fleas

Ticks and fleas love hanging around natural grass because it’s a good hiding spot to wait for their prey. With artificial turf in Chicago, however, ticks and fleas have nowhere to hide. Since there’s no plant life or soil on the surface of the turf, ticks cannot lay their eggs there either. This will help ensure that your dogs will remain tick-free when they play in the sensory garden.

Shock-Absorbing Surface

If your dogs love to run around, you’ll want to make sure that your sensory garden won’t cause them any harm if they slip and fall. That’s where artificial grass comes in handy. Because it’s made from dense plastic fibers, it can absorb impact much more effectively than other surfaces like concrete or asphalt.


Artificial grass is non-toxic, and it doesn’t need toxic chemicals to stay in great condition. It lets you have a pest-free and weed-free lawn in your sensory garden without using pesticides, weedicides and herbicides. So you don’t have to worry about your dogs coming into contact with harmful chemicals when they play in your sensory garden.

Easy to Maintain

Artificial grass is also easy to maintain. You don’t need to spend hours mowing and watering your lawn each week. Just clean up after your dogs immediately. Then, give it a quick sweep or hose down once or twice a month and it’ll look as good as new.

Create a Pup Paradise With Artificial Grass for Dogs in Chicago

If you’re looking for dog-friendly artificial grass products, landscaping solutions and installation services, we’re here to help. Here at Chicago Artificial Grass Experts, we have everything you need to set up the perfect sensory garden for your dogs. Contact us online or call us, and we’ll help you determine the right solutions for your needs!


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